Welcome to our Church!

Welcome to our new website! I hope you like the new look. Just like God’s work in us, our   web site is under construction. We hope that this site will give our members, guests and anyone else who is curious, a way to find out what is going on here.

On these web pages you can check the church calendar to find what exciting things are happening here at the Madison East SDA Church, be uplifted by God's Word and the interaction with others, share information  with others, and link to other helpful and inspiring sites.

We often think of our church as "God's Garden" where God is busy at work creating good things in the lives of many people. He does this by showing us His love in His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord. This may mean that God will be inspiring us with His Word that falls on our hearts like rain, that he will be forgiving our sins and casting them away like weeds that we may grow strong in faith, or that he will be staking out new plots where he will   use us to sow and nurture new life in others.

Whatever He does, we have the assurance here that God is the one at work and that we are a part of his work of gathering up the harvest of his planting.

We hope you visit our sites often, the one on the web and the one on Femrite Drive in Madison, Wisconsin!